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NABO is endeavoring to standardize all our applications/information forms using the free service of Google docs. They are all here in one place. Click on the link below to apply and submit your application/information online.

NOTE: Click on Basque Government to find separate applications for their programs

This is NABO's annual Basque Culture Summer Camp for youth ages 10-15.

Application will be available at

BIZI EMANKORRA: due Winter NABO meeting each year
A candidate for NABO's Bizi Emankorra ("Lifetime Contribution") award is a person who has made significant contributions to NABO and/or who have given extraordinary commitment to Basque culture in the United States; i.e., they have contributed beyond their own local Basque community (because NABO's role is not to interject itself in local affairs where each community has the right and privilege to acknowledge its own extraordinary members). To nominate someone follow the instructions on Bizi Emankorra page.

CALENDAR DATES: due May 1st each year (for upcoming year)
NABO's annual paper calendar posts major club dates, and each NABO organization is requested to send in updates annually. To order calendars contact or visit

FACILITATOR APPLICATION: due Fall NABO meeting each year
The facilitator position was created in 2006 thanks to the generosity of the Basque Government which provides the salary and it remains contingent on that support without which NABO could not afford the position. The title itself attempts to describe what the position is about: working to support NABO officers and member organizations in our shared goal of promoting "Basqueness."

For more information on the Facilitator position and application instructions, please click here.


When it is possible, money should not be the only reason why young people cannot participate in NABO youth events. That is why NABO has set up a youth aid fund. NABO has appropriated funds and donations have been made. This fund is named in honor of Aita Martxel Tillous, our Basque-American chaplain, for the last 14 years. It is need based, and this will be determined purely by the numbers. A copy of last year's Federal tax form is required. Only one person, NABO Treasurer Marie Petracek, will know the identity of the applicant and she will not be sharing this information to preserve people's privacy.

To apply fill out the Google form.


Download fillable application form. Submit to:



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