Genealogy and Heraldry

NABO receives regular inquires regarding Basque genealogy (surnames, heraldry) and while we do not have a regular service to assist with this, fortunately there are some useful online resources out there for researching.


Southern California's Basque & Bearnaise Immigrants:

Catholic church records from the provinces of Araba, Bizkaia & Gipuzkoa:

Antzinako:  Databases, links and full text journal about genealogy research in peninsular Basque Country (eu en es fr)


Basque Surnames: Origins of more than 6,500 surnames. Based in the work done by Koldo Mitxelena (eu es):

Euskal Abizenak: Journal about Basque genealogy and heraldry. Searching options, links, resources. (es)

Buber - Surnames: by Xabier Ormaetxea and Susan Ybarra (en)

Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites: Extensive list of resources and internet sites on genealogy of Basque Country. Search in France and Spain

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints: Search for your ancestors in the church's vast record collections

Ontario Basque Club's Sustraiak Project:

Basque-Genealogy - Basque genealogy forum page

Nafarroako genealogia - Heraldry, family crests (Spanish)

The archives of emigration agent Guillaume Apheça (1828-1919)

Professional Assistance

If you want to pay a professional to get this done for you go to:

The Basque Branch:

The Basque Genealogy Homepage:




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