Basque Traditional Dance Costumes

PoxpolinaJust as there are many Basque dances, so too are there many dance costumes. For most dance groups a generic poxpolina for the girls and white pants and shirt with gerriko and txapela for the guys is the best choice especially if the group does dances from a variety of regions and genres. Another good option is the blue and black peasant costume. It is also classic and can be a little cooler for the girls at our summer performances.

There are a lot of other costumes from specific dances or locations in the Basque Country. If your group focuses on a specific area, one of these might be appropriate, however, we should resist the temptation to choose one of these if we are just looking for something "different."

To gain a better understanding of traditional clothing to help you make informed and culturally sensitive decisions we have a couple articles written by traditional costume expert Ane Albisu: The Evolution of Costumes in Traditional Basque Dance | Atondu's Proposal

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